About Us

Homes By Nature (HBN) represents the integrity of environmentally conscious, sustainable, Eco-friendly, and Healthy living.
HBN is an experienced sustainable home builder with nature as its resource and its history of the industry.
The founders have been in the Australian building industry since they entered the work force, giving them a greater perception of the Western Australian requirements for healthier homes.
HBN incorporates the use of eco friendly and low embodied energy products such as forestry council approved timbers, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials and the use of Hempcrete to name a few.

Homes By Nature encourages the use of solar passive (passive solar) and passivhaus principals to all of their projects

We build homes…Naturally

Homes by Nature is an Australian owned and operated building company with the passion to provide world class homes to the Western Australian homeowner. They achieve this by practicing energy efficient design, sustainable and low carbon impact materials, life cycle considerations, and are always achieving the best outcomes for homeowners, and the planet. Henry and Cameron have been passionate about the building industry from young ages and have over 30 years’ experience between them.
Henry and Cameron are both qualified carpenters, they have been in the industry for 15 years each, from residential to commercial renovations and new builds. They both have a reputation in the building industry as leaders, to impact a very uneconomical and “behind the times” building sector in Australia.

Cameron Richardson

Cameron has a diploma in building and construction and is a HIA certified Greensmart® Professional. He has a wealth of knowledge in the industry and in sustainability, eco-friendly and energy efficient design.
He has supervised for Henry’s building company since its inception and has collaborated in the development and perfected the application of Hempcrete. His testimonies are highly regarded, his enthusiasm and commitment to sustainability is reputable and his quality advocated within the industry.

We Keep up to date

The team at Homes by Nature pride themselves on being the front runners of sustainable construction, keeping a close relationship with governing bodies.
As the industry heads toward a more sustainable future, there is potential for many key changes to regulations, requirements and compliance that require consistent attention. We use the tools that are available to remain attentive to these changes, the industry leaders as mentors and many other support networks throughout Australia and the World. These come in many forms and it is important for homeowners to also research these requirements for piece of mind.
HBN uses only the most trusted sources of information to deliver the upmost quality of sustainability; the linked images below are examples to name a few.

Our humble office resides nearby the Witchcliffe Ecovillage. Made by the Hempcrete we adore and is completely portable, it is a cosy place to meet with us as we help you in your Ecovillage journey. For an appointment please get in contact